Count on us whenever you need a solutions provider on Lean, Agile and Value Innovation. Our team has deep and broad experience implementing the best solutions you can find in your industry. Our experience coves diverse industries such as Software development, IT, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Logistics, Aviation, Energy, and Education.

Lean-Agile project management
We work with executive, management and individual contribution teams (small or large) to ensure their projects are managed successfully using Lean Value Innovation™ and Lean-Agile thinking. Keeping a high degree of focus on value to customer and quality, we guide you through how to make the best out of your most valuable resource--your stakeholders--and how to find the perfect balance to create successful products or services.

Lean and Kanban for knowledge 
Second Generation Lean and Kanban are a fabulous combination for evolutionary improvement and an amazingly effective way to mature your enterprise in less time than other well-known methodologies with virtually no resistance to change. Second-generation Lean focuses on knowledge work and Kanban is an excellent method to visualize and manage continuous evolutionary improvement. In fact, a survey directed by Masa K Maeda, our CEO, and conducted by the Cutter Consortium was published in September 2010. It shows that 58% of the teams doing Kanban reported increased customer satisfaction; 64% reported increase in quality; and 71% reported increase in productivity over other Agile methodologies. Kanban is being adopted also by enterprises that were originally reluctant to other agile methodologies. This is because Kanban doesn’t replace your current methodology. It starts where you currently are and makes it easier for your stakeholders to do continuous improvement. Furthermore, Kanban scales with ease and has fabulous impact at both team and enterprise level. Masa was one of the first Lean Kanban University Accredited Kanban Trainers/Coaches (and the first one in Iberoamerica).

Agile and Scrum
Scrum is the most popular methodology for agile development nowadays. It is easy to understand, apply and is particularly effective to deliver value on a regular basis due to its incremental and iterative nature. Scrum brings your development and QA organizations together to create quality products while eliminating technical debt. Adding Agile thinking to the Scrum practice makes it even more effective because it provides to stakeholders a very solid foundation to improve way they communicate and collaborate, as well as a greater emphasis on quality and value delivered.

This is the PMI® approach to agility. It is the expansion to go beyond the PMBOK® and consider Agile as an alternative for project management. This is different from Serious LeAP® since Serious LeAP actually brings Lean, Agile and other aspects to traditional management.

Lean-Agile Quality Assurance
Creating a product of good quality is a challenge to most organizations. We prepare you to tackle those challenges by guiding you through the implementation of the best strategy for your needs. We apply Agile and Lean to go beyond testing and do true quality assurance throughout the entire value chain.

Serious Games
Serious games is a fun and highly effective way to do serious work. Your stakeholders will be able to conduct activities such as prioritization, roadmapping, market research, assessments, chartering, feature discovery, business model generation and other. This includes Innovation Games®, canvases and serious games we have created.

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