Kanban Leader Certification

This course is for Kanban Methodologists who want to be leaders in organizational and process improvement with Kanban. The focus is on a deeper understanding of Kanban, the interactions with the rest of the organization and with customers, and an enhancement of the human aspect.

The Kanban Leader Certification requirements are:

  • Take the 2-day training class
  • Take 10 hours of Kanban and Lean related webinars, workshops, conferences or other. At least 4 hours have to be on Kanban and the rest can be related to Lean for knowledge work and  Systems thinking. You must submit a 50 word summary of each activity. Valid topics are: Kanban for knowledge work (not manufacture), Lean for knowledge work, Second generation lean, Lean value innovation, Systems thinking, Lean Agile project management, and Innovation games
  • Previous experience with the Kanban method on one or more projects with demonstrated leadership activities. Kanban experience of 6 months with a minimal of 2 on leadership activities You must have been an active participant in the Kanban practice and you must present a 500-word report with supporting documents such as photos, diagrams and quantification to demonstrate proper usage of the Kanban system and the Kanban method
  • Lead Kanban for 3 months after the training. Demonstrate proficiency and advancement presenting a 500-word report with supporting documents such as photos, diagrams, quantification and statements form other stakeholders on your leadership
  • Present and pass a written certification exam. Duration: 1 hr.
  • Present and pass a face-to-face certification interview. Duration: 1 hr.

The certification is valid for 2 full years (not calendar years).

This course can be used for 14 Category B PDUs towards the PMI-ACP® and 14 credits towards the Serious LeAP™ certification.

Who should attend: Decision makers, from executive to technical leaders, and technical staff


  • Fulfill the training requirements for the Kanban Leader (validates 14 points towards the certification)
  • Understand in depth the Kanban Method: practices, principles
  • Understand the Kanban perspective of Modern Change Management, including core enabling concepts and fitness criteria 
  • Understand the human side of Kanban
  • Understand the Kanban flight levels
  • Understand the anti patterns
  • Learn the economic perspective based on 2nd Generation Lean

Duration: 2 days

Prerequisites:  Be a Certfied Kanban Methodologist or equivalent

Course content:
1. Diving deeper into the Kanban Method
     1. Principles and practices
     2. Aspects
2. Diving into systems thinking
3. Modern Change Management
     1. System 1 and 2
     2. Core enabling concepts
     3. Fitness criteria
4. The human side of Kanban
     1. Sustainability
     2. Service Orientation
     3. Survivability
5. Kanban flight levels
     1. Organizational unit
     2. Org unit with coordinated input
     3. Value stream
     4. Portfolio
6. Anti-patterns
7. The economic perspective
     1. Economic quantification
     2. Understanding queues
     3. Efficiency, variability and conformance
     4. Size matters: batch sizes
     5. Uncertainty and flow
     6. Feedback and control

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