Agile Expert Certified

Our 3-day Agile Expert Certified training aims to provide a wide ranging knowledge and understanding of the values, methods and intricacies of Agile. All trainings are offered by SCRUMstudy approved Authorized Training Partners (A.T.P.s). Course fee includes the certification exam fee. Participants will be awarded ‘Agile Expert Certified’ certificate from SCRUMstudy on successful completion of the exam.

Who should attendThis course is primarily aimed at management professionals who are working with/intending to implement Agile in their organization including Project Managers, Product Managers, Team Leads, Project Sponsors, Programmers, Business Analysts, any Mid or Top level Management Executives and any AEC™ aspirant. Any professional intending to work with Agile may take the course to gain expertise

You get:
 Course fee includes certification exam fee.
 Complimentary copy of the SBOK™ Guide.
 Free Lifetime Primary Membership. 
 One year Advanced Membership worth $120.
 Additional benefits provided by A.T.P.s. Please check 'Benefits' section.

 Provide an understanding of the Agile philosophy and practices including Scrum, Kanban, DSDM, Crystal, XP, and FDD.
 Provide a working knowledge of the various Agile methodologies.
 Provide the participants with the ability to compare and choose which methodology would be appropriate in a given situation.
 Prepare participants to pass the AEC™ certification exam

Course content
1.  Introduction
2.  Agile Overview
     1. AGILE Defined
     2. Why use Agile
     3.  Adaptive Project Management
     4. The Agile Manifesto
     5. Principles of the Agile Manifesto
     6. Declaration of Interdependence
     7. What has changed?
     8. Difference between Waterfall and Agile
3.  Domains of Agile Practices
     1. Value-Driven Delivery
     3. Adaptive Planning
     4. Team Performance Practices
     5. Agile Tools and Artifacts
     6. Participatory Decision Models
     7. Stakeholder Engagement
     8. Continuous Improvement
4.  Lean Kanban Software Development 
     1. Introduction
     2. Core Values
5.  Understanding Lean Software Development
     1. Introduction
     2. Core Values
     3. Practices of Lean Software Development
     4. Iterative Development
6.  Understanding Kanban
     1. Kanban in software development
     2. Kanban Values
     3. Kanban Practices
     4. Definition of Lean Kanban
     5. Implementing Lean Kanban 
7.  Scrum
     1. Overview of Scrum
     2. Brief History of Scrum
     3. Why Use Scrum?
     4. Scalability of Scrum
     5. Scrum Principles
     6. Scrum Aspects
     7. Scrum Processes
     8. Scrum and Kanban
8.  Extreme Programming
     1. Core Values
     2. Roles
     3. Practices
     4. XP release
     5. XP Artifacts
     6. Adopting XP
     7. XP Events
     8. Iteration
9. Test-Driven Development DSDM
     1. Core Values
     2. Roles
     3. Practices
10. Crystal
     1. Core Values
     2. Roles
     3. Practices
     4. The Process
11. Feature Driven Development
     1. Core Values
     2. Roles
     3. Practices
     4. The Process
12. Comparison of Agile Methods Best Fit Analysis Tool

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