Serious LeAP™ Certified Professional

The Serious LeAP™ model for Prosperity in the organization is Valueinnova’s flagship. Generate a healthy balance to quickly boost the incremental success of your business, the value you deliver to your customers, and the quality of work-life at low cost. It also takes Lean for knowledge work and Agile to contexts beyond software development, IT and DevOps. Serious LeAP is right for you, no matter if you are a one team startup or a company with thousands of people distributed internationally. Furthermore, you can also apply it on environments managed in a non-lean and non-agile way.

This is a very practical course that resembles more a workshop that:
 Boosts the effectiveness of executives, managers and leaders who manage projects
applying either lean-agile or traditional methodologies
 Helps Agile coaches and managers make adoptions and management easier and more effective
 Helps stakeholders understand why and how the project managers and leaders are managing projects differently; and also learn how to apply it themselves 

Who should attendExecutives, Directors, Managers, Leaders, Mentors Coaches and other stakeholders interested on improving their organization as a whole and make it prosperous

 Learn the Serious LeAP Framework
◦ Expand the way of thinking with respect to projects and their context
 Cover the most used tools and techniques (the rest of them are covered on the Advanced workshop)
 Cover the methodologies at foundation level
 Learn how to leverage the artifacts created to boost the effectiveness of stakeholders and project teams
 Get an appreciation for the quality and efficiency benefits of the highly collaborative nature of Serious LeAP
 Be able to apply Serious LeAP right away

Duration: 2 days

Prerequisites:  It isn’t mandatory but it is very helpful to have a basic understanding of lean-agile

Course Content: 
We will cover all the processes, the ways of thinking up to a point, the most commonly used tools and techniques (what we call LASIcs) and kanban/Scrum application. The same topics in depth and the remainder LASIcs are covered in the Advanced workshop.

2.The Serious LeAP model
3.The Mindset
        1.Business success
        2.The Lean Agile Prism
        3.Value, Quality and Innovation
        4.Systems Thinking
        5.Lean Thinking
      6.Agile Thinking
4.The Human Condition
        2.Organizational behavior
        3.The ecosytem’s health
        4.Resistance to change
        5.Gross Hapiness Index
5.High Collaboration Dynamics
        1.Pupose dyamnics
        6.Organizational dynamics
        7.Learning dynamics 
        8.Persuasive dynamics
        9.Simnulation dynamics
      10.Health dynamics
        1.Kanban for knowledge work
        3. Lean Agile QA
7.A project management roadmap example
8. Applying Serious LeAP on diverse environments

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